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Edutech is a leading provider of learning solutions and services for academic institutions, companies and government

Identifying training needs is a vital prerequisite for improving the performance of employees and associates and therefore of the business.                           View details »

06 e learning

Organisations around the world over benefit most when their learning strategies are a blend of eLearning and facilitator-led training.
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Learning nuggets are short pieces of learning, typically of 3-4 minutes duration, and can be delivered in various formats.                 
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Serious games built around core business processes and operations are gaining traction as a viable and powerful performance improvement tool at all levels of an organization.   View details »

08 epublishing

With the world moving to digital platforms, reading habits are also changing from paperbacks and hardbacks to tablets.

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Our learning portals have always scored high on cost-effectiveness, branding, and flexibility. Our offerings in this space include:

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About Us

Founded in 1991, Edutech is a global company based out of Chicago, Illinois. We provide learning solutions across corporate, governments and academic institutions. We assist our clients to enhance performance and optimize talent by providing cutting-edge learning and development solutions. Our customers receive a personalized learning environment that fosters richer learning experience and successful learning outcomes. At any given point of time, over 500 customers and more than a million users around the world use our solutions.

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